Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Book Direction

Hello readers. I must begin by apologizing for my lack of posts. I have been prayerfully thinking about the direction to take where King's Bride is concerned. It's been a quiet season here. I have no intention of closing because I am fully convinced that the message of purity needs to sweep through this generation. I am so passionate about it and want to spread the news!

Upon marrying Grant, many people (my husband included!) begged me to compile this blog into a book. I agreed to do so and began shortly after returning from our honeymoon. But I have had SO much trouble!! I became discouraged. Then I became frustrated. After a year and a half, I realize that God had bigger things in store. So after much prayer and thinking, I have decided to write a book/devotional for girls and young women. In it, I plan to tell a bit of my own story in my pursuit of purity, share some of my journal entries, and lead up to my engagement, where I will include various posts from King's Bride that best suit.

For the first time, I am VERY excited about what is ahead of King's Bride. Please be in prayer for me as I begin to write. My heart's cry for this project is that the Lord will use it to lead more and more to Him, and that everyone who reads will see the beauty and power of purity.


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