Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 Things I'm Learning in Marriage

The wedding is one day....The marriage is a lifetime.

And nothing about marriage comes natural. Why? Because marriage is hard work.

I am sure many people enter into marriage thinking that they have a head start. I know I did. How wrong I was. Just like nothing can prepare you for parenthood until you actually become a parent, nothing can quite prepare you for the marriage relationship.

I know that being married for one year and two months makes me a "newbie" still, but I am here to testify that once you are married, the lessons begin! You start learning right away! And here are a few things that God has taught (and is still teaching) me!

1. Christ must be your fulfillment. This lesson should begin long before the "I Do's" are spoken. It is very easy to rely on your spouse to fulfil you, but listen to me: this never works. There have been plenty of moments when I have grown irritated when Grant hasn't met my every need. It is then that I have had to be reminded by the Lord to stop and remember an invaluable truth: HE is all. Nobody, not even your dearest friend and soul mate, can meet all your needs. God created it to be this way as an ever-constant reminder that HE is God and the only One who can fulfill us completely.

2. Remember your spouse is a sinner. Yes, Grant is my prince charming. Yes, he is a man of God. Yes, he will stop and pray no matter when or where. Yes, he is my best earthly friend. But he is not perfect. I have seen him angry, irritated, and stressed out. I know what makes him tick (yes, he can get ticked). I know his weaknesses and his imperfections. He is still a sinner.....and as much as it hurts my pride to say it.... I am one too.

3. Pick your battles. That's a toughie. At first, it sounds like 100% fun all the time to live with your best friend. And, to a degree, it IS fun! But it is also work. Habits can become annoying (like the clearing of the throat in the shower every morning). Little things can get under your skin (like finding little hairs all over the sink after a shave). But I have to remember to stop and ask myself, "Is this worth getting angry over? Is this thing worth picking a fight about?"  Most of the time, it's not. So pick your battles.

4. Learn how to make up. Pride has to die in a marriage relationship. It is easy for me to gloat when I am proven right in a disagreement. And it is very easy to refuse to say "I'm sorry." But it MUST be done! Disagreements are inevitable in marriage. Marriage takes two different people (male and female) who grew up in two different families (sometimes in two very different circumstances), with two different personalities and character traits, and it thrusts them together in tight living spaces. It's impossible for two opposite creatures to live in constant harmony. So you will have moments that are not pleasant. But one thing that has to be learned is the art of making up. Get over yourself. Let go of your pride. Remember you LOVE your spouse and made some serious vows to him/her. Forgive. Forget. Move on. It is rewarding if you do!

5. Compromise. I like to talk things out. Grant does not. When there has been a disagreement or if I feel unsettled about something, I need to talk about things in order to move past it. Grant prefers to go into "internal hibernation" for a while. So....what do we do in this situation? We learn to compromise. Sometimes I need to give Grant an hour or more to keep from overwhelming him or for him to get his thoughts together. Sometimes Grant puts those things aside in order to sit down immediately with me to talk about how I feel. We don't take turns. We just do our best to find the happy medium no matter what the situation may be.

6. Let go of your rights. I am still struggling with this area. Sometimes I don't want to compromise. Sometimes I want my way. Sometimes I am downright selfish. And sometimes I believe I have a "right" to act like a self-centered wife. But the more I study and pray, the more I find that we, as Christians, should let go of our rights. In all honesty, we have none. We gave up all our rights when we allowed Jesus to take over and buy us "with a price." So let go.

7. Have a date night. The reality of life can wear you down. Sometimes we get SO busy! It is for this reason that it is important to have a date night fairly often. For Grant and I, this was hard. We were married for three months when I got pregnant. Morning sickness, a growing belly, feeling tired, THEN a new baby! All in one year! A date night? Yeah right. But it is so important to make time for one another. Recently Grant and I did just that and WOW! It was such a blessing to be able to get away and simply enjoy each other's company. Even if you don't have the money to go out, stay in, turn the TV off and talk to one another. Or cook a hearty meal and rent a movie. Reminisce with each other. Just enjoy being together as husband and wife. Your relationship as husband and wife comes before all else, save your relationship with the Lord.

8. Be each other's best friend. Growing up, I had what I thought were a few "best friends" here and there. How wrong I was. Grant is literally my best earthly friend. I can let my hair down with him. I can be 100% me. He knows me, sometimes better than I know myself. And I know him better than anyone else. We belly laugh together. We tell crazy jokes. We giggle like teenagers. We hop in the truck and take off down dirt roads blaring music and singing. We pray together. We tell each other things that are difficult for the other to hear. We are there for one another....through thick and thin, good and bad. Don't ever let outside friendships and relationships, work, hobbies, or anything of the like stand in the way of you and your spouse being best friends.

9. Protect your spouse and your marriage. Privacy in marriage is almost foreign these days. And it shouldn't be! From the very beginning of our relationship, I made a personal committment that private things would always remain private. Marriage is a "bear-all" relationship. You are totally revealed in every way to your spouse. Protect that. Keep it sacred. I have vowed, when Grant and I have a disagreement, to never talk about it to anyone. It is no one's business and my words, even at a time when I may be upset, could hurt my husband and bring him disrespect. It is personal and between him, myself, and the Lord. I have vowed never to have "bedroom discussions" with girlfriends. The bedroom is sacred, holy, and deserves the utmost privacy. There are plenty of outside things that should be guarded against. Protect your spouse and your marriage.

10. Pray and pray together. Pray for you spouse. Pray that he can be a strong, passionate, mighty man of God. Pray that she can rise and be a valiant, virtuous woman of faith. Pray for strength. Pray for wisdom. Pray for your marriage as a whole. Pray for your children. Pray for yourself. Then pray together. Prayer brings unity. Praying alone can bring you closer to the throne of God and closer to His will. Praying together as a couple brings you closer together AS you draw nearer to the heart of God. Prayer brings unity and it brings strength. Always, always, always pray! Never cease!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

While I'm Waiting

Earlier this month at camp, I was given the opportunity to share my testimony and speak about my purity, modesty, and my love story with Grant. It was good to go back in time and relive those years, remembering what God taught me and how faithful He was....even when I couldn't see it at the time.

There are plenty of books in the Christian community on "Christian dating" and "how to avoid going all the way" but there aren't many books or lessons or messages on simply waiting. I'm not talking about abstinence. That should be a given. I am talking about truly waiting on God; on His timing, on His "green-light," and waiting for HIS choice (not ours) for our mate.

Many think that waiting means doing nothing. You're just sitting around with no social life, nothing to do......waiting....and waiting....and waiting. Let me tell you, that is not so!

The Lord gives us a season of singleness for a reason. When we are married, we think much about our spouse (and so we should) and we care for the things in marriage. However, when we are single, we are free of distraction and free from the marital responsibilities, and that gives us ample time to dwell on Christ, growing closer to Him, and developing an intimate relationship with Him that helps us in marriage. It all works together for a grand reason! God made a special season for singles. And you should "redeem the time" as Ephesians 5:16 says and, with wisdom, USE that time for His glory!


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Waiting On Him: Sarah's Story


Sarah’s Story

I have grown up in a Christian home my whole life, which I am incredibly thankful for. At a young age, I always thought it would be easy for a Christian girl (I accepted Christ at age 7) in a Christian home to live the Christian way. I thought that if I was surrounded by God’s people that it would be easy to live right, walk right, and be pure in God’s eyes. I was mistaken. Just because someone knows, believes, and is surrounded by the truth doesn’t mean that everything will be a walk in the park.

At the age of 14, I went to a purity conference that was hosted by my church. This was about the time that I started becoming interested in boys. I wasn’t flirting with them because I was shy, but I still wondered if they liked me. At this purity conference, I was opened up to a new way of thinking when it came to purity and relationships. The woman teaching gave all of the girls there a sheet of paper that had these words in it: Calling/texting, hanging out, holding hands, hugging, small kissing (a peck every once in a while), frequent kissing (a more meaningful kiss, but not too much), passionate kissing, and intimacy. The way these scenarios were arranged was at the very bottom of the sheet were the words ‘calling/texting’ and at the top were the words ‘intimacy’, and everything else was in the middle of the page, listed in the above order. She then gave us all a pen and said that when we were in a relationship one day, where would we draw the line? Would we stop our relationship with small kissing, and save the rest for marriage? Would we stop at frequent kissing and have the strength to save everything left for marriage? So, she told us to draw a line under the scenario that would be our stopping point in a relationship. All the girls made their choice that night, and mine was to stop at small kissing.

After we had all made our choices, the teacher began to tell us the dangers with some of these scenarios, and how that if we didn’t guard our hearts, we could end up going further than the line we drew. I listened to her, but I didn’t take everything to heart that she was saying. Everything was true, but I had drawn my line and I wasn’t going to budge. I was a strong, Christian young lady living in a Christian home, surrounded by Godly people. I wouldn’t fall for the things that other girls fell for. I was a good girl with a line that couldn’t be crossed.

Wrong. I was so terribly wrong. While I kept my mind and heart pure for God and my future husband, I wasn’t mature enough to handle a relationship the right way. I was in two different relationships and both of them were born out of my selfishness of wanting a boyfriend because all of my friends had one. I truly liked the guys, but I was looking for someone to accept me. You see, what I thought was pureness of mind was not what God thought of pureness of mind. I was constantly thinking about a boyfriend and all the benefits that I could get from a relationship: someone to like and accept me, bragging rights, and not being lonely. When I would be in a relationship and I wasn’t getting those benefits, I would give more of myself, throwing all of my emotions into making the relationship work.

At one point, not only was I kissing a guy, but I found myself wanting to give more. I stepped over my line I had drawn, and I did it all myself, not just because a guy was pressuring me. I willingly wanted more, so I selfishly gave more. I was still concerned about not stepping over “that line” where one goes from being a virgin to not. The problem with that is once I erase the line, where do I draw it back? If I blur the line over here, can I draw it back over there and still be okay? In this whole process, I didn’t realize that I was getting my heart broken. I Thessalonians 5:22 says to “Abstain from all appearance of evil” and while I have heard this verse my whole life, it wasn’t until after my second relationship that I truly started running from evil. My whole life I had stayed away from the really bad stuff, but is that enough?

Around the age of 17, there were several nights where I lay in my bed crying, asking “God, what do you want me to do? Is there something better than this? Will I ever get married? What am I doing wrong?” There were so many questions and tears, and I had to give everything to Him. A little after my 18th birthday, I decided to save myself completely for my future husband, so I made a big commitment: I am going to save my next kiss for my future husband. This is huge for me. I also committed that I will not give my heart away to another man until I know for sure that he is the one God has for me. With this promise to God came another promise that I will not spend my days worrying about whether or not I will ever get married. Worrying about that alone was wearing me out, especially since I have surrendered to be a missionary and there is a big possibility that I could be on a mission field without a husband.

While I still wonder about my future and still dream of marriage and a family, I am not making myself sick over it anymore. I always had a low self-esteem because of my physical appearance, and I still struggle with it at times, but just knowing that God truly has control over me, I am not worried about what might be next. That has always been my biggest problem: trying to figure out God and His plans. So, I ask God all the time to take away my desires and replace them with His. He has done so...He has taken away MY desire for marriage and replaced it with HIS. The difference is incredible! I literally don’t have to worry! Before I handed everything to Him, I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to be free from so many thoughts and worries. Now, I don’t see how I survived before! He really CAN handle everything, He really IS there for me, and He really WANTS me to live a better life!

One thing that has changed my view about purity and commitment in recent times was having an opportunity to go to an Eric and Leslie Ludy conference and hear the way they explain purity. Even though I made the commitment at 18 to save my kiss, body, and heart, these folks really encouraged me in a new way. At the conference, Eric Ludy made two comments that I hope never to forget. One of them was “Never pitch your tent.” Boy, was that a big problem for me! So many times I just settle with what I think is best, when there is actually something better God wants to show me. Another thing he said was “Your future spouse is alive right now!” Now, this was a little weird when I first heard it. Of course, my future husband is alive right now! As he went on, Eric Ludy explained that somewhere in the world, the person that God has for us is alive and is possibly going through the same things that we are. Some of the same difficulties, hopes, plans, dreams, worries…your future spouse is probably thinking like you! Then, Ludy said “Is it possible to live for and to be in love your spouse before you even know/meet them?” When he said that, God whispered to me and “Sarah, I want to live for your husband right now as if you are already married.” Woah…this is huge.

I started changing things big time after that. I look at things differently, think of things differently, and live differently. I am doing my best right now to live for my husband in every possible way to honor him. I am falling in love with him by falling more in love with Jesus Christ. And I have no clue who he is! I pray for him all the time. Some of the specific things I pray for are: “God, please show my husband Your love today. Please help him with whatever his problem may be right now. Please, comfort him in his pain right now. Please let him know just how close You are to him and how You are always there for him. Please help him to have a good night’s rest and a good day tomorrow. Please give him a hug from me and let him know that I am praying for him.” I pray all of this, and so much more. Pretty much anything I would pray for myself or a friend, I pray about for my husband. That’s a lot of praying. If there is one thing that has improved in my Christian walk, it’s my prayer life.

One of the best ways that I can feel close to my future husband is to study the Word. For some reason, every time I find some new discovery in the Bible or some new concept, I can’t help but think about him and whether or not he has discovered the things I have. I wonder what he may have found in the Scriptures that I have not. Things like that are what I wonder about, rather than worrying about so many trivial things that I did before. It’s such a relief!

There are still times when I distress over what is next so I have to give it all to God…again. My human nature wants to pick up my worries and burdens all over again and start lugging them around. However, as soon as I feel that burden on my shoulder, I’m like “Woah, Okay God, You can have them back!” And He is so faithful to help me out.

I am still waiting on him, I am still praying for him, and I am falling in love with him more and more because I have found my true Love, Jesus Christ. I want to be so close to Jesus that my husband has to seek Him to get to me. So, me and Jesus are hanging out. God has given me this period of being single for a reason: He wants me to serve him and be in his perfect will. There is a song by John Waller called ‘While I’m Waiting.’ The lyrics to the first part of the chorus mirror what I always want to do:

I will move ahead, bold and confident.

Taking every step in obedience,
While I’m waiting,
I will serve You while I’m waiting.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Skills in Singleness

Learn to be a person of prayer (1Tim 2:1-8)
Too few of us, myself included, have established strong prayer lives–yet Paul states that this is essential for living a quiet and peaceable life in all godliness and reverence.

Learn modesty, good works, and submission (1 Tim 2:9-14)
Women are encouraged to adorn themselves with modesty, with good works, and with submission. This is a skill we can grow in; even as married women.

Learn discernment (1 Tim 4:7-8, 6:20-21; 2 Tim 2:15-19)
Paul commands Timothy to “reject profane and old wives’ fables, and exercise [himself] toward godliness.” So we too, would do well to develop discernment in doctrine and practice.

Learn to walk in purity (I Tim 4:12, 5:22; 2 Tim 2:21-22)
Contrary to the depraved world in which we live, where singles are encouraged to do whatever they like, Christian singles are called to live lives of purity.

Devote yourself to the Word of God (1 Tim 4:13,15-16; 2 Tim 1:13-14, 4:2-4)
I believe single adults have a unique opportunity to dig down deep into the Word of God – both reading it, speaking it, and doing it. Paul says singles are not distracted–what better time to “give attention” to the Word?

Learn to walk in your gifts (1Tim 4:14; 2 Tim 1:6, 4:5)
Singleness is also a great time to learn what your gifts are and to begin to practice them. Don’t sit around and wait until you are married to get involved within your local church and your community. Ask God what role He would have you play–and get doing it. Don’t waste your singleness by living only for your own pleasure.

Develop healthy relationships (1Tim 5:1-2)
Paul encourages Timothy to develop healthy relationship with older men and older women (treating them as parents) and with younger men and women (treating them as brothers and sisters). We can learn how to glorify God and honor others in our relationships.

Learn contentment (1 Tim 6:6-10)
Contentment goes further than singleness. We can learn to be content with our circumstances, with our possessions, with our relationships, etc.

Be discipled and disciple someone (2 Tim 2:2)
Paul encourages Timothy to take what he (Timothy) has learned from him (Paul) and to teach it to others. Timothy is one link in the chain of making disciples. In the same way, we ought to be links in the chain of discipleship. Seek out older believers who can mentor you. Don’t wait until you have kids of your own to begin to pass along what has been entrusted to you. Find a younger man, a younger woman, a child, that you can commit the word of God to. I promise you won’t regret it.

Maintain your focus (2 Tim 2:3-7, 4:5)
Endure hardship. Resist temptation. Look forward to the prize. Don’t let either the trials or the pleasures of this world distract you from the treasure that is Christ Jesus.

Learn humility (2 Tim 2:24-26)
This one gets me every time. Learn humility–avoiding worthless disputes. Being gentle. It’s tough, but it’s necessary.

Recognize that singleness is not a sit-on-your-hands-until-something-better-comes-along time. Singleness is a time when we should be fully focused on God and on advancing His kingdom. Singleness is a time when we can develop our relationships with God, with His body, and to win the lost. Singleness is a time to grow in godly character and to be conformed into the image of Christ. Don’t waste your singleness.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Wedding Remembered

A sweet friend made this slideshow of Grant's and my wedding last spring. It was such a blessing to view and I thought I would share.

P.S. The song is "Bless This Man" by Katie Drake

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Heavenly Love Stories: Jason & Jessica

Jason and Jessica

September 12, 2009

As told by Jessica:

I always hoped that God would bring me a knight in shining armor one day who would sweep me off my feet, and we would live happily ever after. God did, in fact, do just that, but it wouldn’t have been possible if I had not saved myself for my man. Sexual purity, yes that is important, but really I’m speaking of purity as a whole in relation to men.

I know many girls who are sexually pure, but emotionally they are soaring high or crashing in rocks around this man who they have no realistic reason to believe is to be their prince charming. I am sure most, if not all girls, have been in this situation before. Don’t waste your emotions. Remember, there is only ONE man for you. If he is undetermined, then act as if such is true. God created women to be emotional creatures, and that is a very good thing. You just need to use your emotions for things that matter, and save your special emotions for the man you will marry one day. The more you give yourself, emotionally or physically, to a man, the more you are taking away from what you will give your husband one day. I made a commitment to God when I was 15, to save myself physically and emotionally for my husband, to the point of not kissing before my wedding day, and guarding my heart against my emotions.

When I was 17, I asked that God would put me asleep toward men until he was ready to bring me my husband. I didn’t want to worry about it. I didn’t want to be interested. I didn’t want to waste my emotions on someone before the right one came along. As it turned out, I didn’t have a long wait.

The first time I saw Jason he came to a Bible study at my house. A friend brought him as a guest. I was 18. I had heard a lot about him from friends and family. I introduced myself and made cordial conversation, but didn’t think anything else about it. Apparently, he didn’t either. It was months before he came back, and he had forgotten all about my existence. I noticed he was nice this time. He noticed me as well, but that is as far as it went. My Dad invited him to lunch, and Jason obliged. My Dad is a CPA and I worked in the office with him. When Jason came in for lunch, I was the receptionist in the office. I generally was able to send people in to Dad with little interaction required from me, but Jason stayed 3 hours after lunchtime talking to Dad. Whenever Dad got a client, Jason would come out to my desk and talk to me. Then he was back in Dad’s office. I thought this was very strange as Dad frequently had lunch appointments and they never stayed over 3 hours like that. Probably half of the three hours Dad had a client and Jason was talking to me. Somehow we had plenty to talk about, and I discovered I had a lot more in common with this 30 year old man then I had suspected. Before he left, I asked for his email address. I was going to put him on our update mail out list that I handled for my family. He asked for mine in return and I thought, “Well, I didn’t mean it like THAT. I was just going to add him to my updates. I’m sure he felt like he had to ask for mine out of courtesy since I asked for his.” How surprised I was to get an email from him that very night. “Hmm, that is interesting,” I thought, “I’ll wait a few days to respond.”

Wait we did. For about 5 months we emailed a couple of times a week, and saw each other seldom. I was certain that he was just like all the other normal guys. It was just a matter of proving it to myself by waiting for time to expose his true character. Of course we would never work. Always assume he’s guilty until proven innocent. My sister was getting married. By that time our emails were still about twice a week, but beginning to get very deep in content. I had deep conversations with a lot of people, so I tried not to think anything about it. A friend from out of state was down for the wedding, and she asked, “Who is this guy who is so interested in you, watching you, and following you around all the time??” I was thinking, “Who is she talking about?? Surely she doesn’t mean Jason. I cannot even tell if he likes me or not.” Yet, she was speaking of him. I thought I might like him a little too, but I didn’t know. I wasn’t going to waste my emotions, so moving on… Another 3 months passed, and he started inviting me and members of my family to his place to do things with him occasionally.

The next 3 months were very interesting. He started emailing every night, and I started seeing him about every couple of weeks. We had been friends talking for almost a year, and I was getting very impressed with this man. His character, the things I had seen from him were admirable, and I couldn’t find one important thing on which we disagreed. We had talked about a slew of issues, and somehow he had such different views that aligned with mine perfectly. My Dad and he were good friends, and Dad seemed to approve of him entirely. One day while I was praying, I had an overwhelming feeling that I needed to pray that God would be making my future husband into a man of prayer. I prayed for him often, so that wasn’t such a big deal. A couple of weeks later, I was listening to Dad and Jason talk. Dad asked Jason what God had been teaching him about lately. Jason said that he was learning about prayer. He had been studying and reading books about prayer and trying to increase the depth and consistency of his prayer life. I was shaken because I realized that things needed to stop now if he was not the man for me or it would be very difficult for me to save my emotions. I prayed that God would send something immediately to show me if it wasn’t right, and that he would burden me and him about it and make us not be able to sleep, that we would be so disturbed if we weren’t right for each other. I didn’t want to develop an emotional attachment that couldn’t last. I prayed that God would cause whatever circumstances necessary to draw us together if we were to get married. I felt so much distance from Jason I felt like it would have to be something big if that were to happen, and I wasn’t really expecting the stick to fall that way.

To my amazement it was something big. A week later, Jason’s grandpa died suddenly. Everyone was heartbroken and traumatized, but somehow this is just what God used to bring us together. Whatever that wall was in Jason fell, and we were suddenly connecting on a much deeper level. I had so much peace about it, but still we had to discuss many things before I was any deeper connected. I think we were both ready to settle questions we had or drop things completely. It was Christmas and we found ourselves talking about issues that mattered to us in our future family. “If I were to marry someone I would want him/her to want to raise a family in this way, if you disagree with that, we need to move on.” I think I had a lot more questions and concerns than he did, but somehow they all got resolved. What we assumed might be the end, was instead a delightful conversation.

I was for certain mentally that our views were similar and that he would make a good husband and father. It seemed we would be compatible…But I was not quite ready to say I was for certain that Jason was God’s man for me. I knew that I couldn’t marry somebody if I wasn’t for sure he was the one God had for me. I would be under his authority my whole earthly life, and a wrong choice would be a very bad mistake. A couple of more months passed. During this time, we hardly saw each other, but continued to email every night. One night I was driving around town on some errands, and I started praying. For some reason I was praying for “us” and not for “me”. I got very annoyed with myself and asked God to show me once and for all if he was the one for me. Suddenly, I realized that if I were going to marry someone, I would really have to love them, like Christ loves me. I began to pray that if we weren’t to be married, I would grow stale to him. I also asked that if we were to be married, God would fill me with HIS love for him. I know marriage is hard and you have to have the love of Christ for that person if you are going to make it with flying colors. I thought that if God were to give me His love for Jason, it would be a gradual thing, and I wouldn’t notice it for at least a few more months. Even as I was still saying the prayer, I felt God place His love in my heart. I did! It was an overwhelming feeling! I began to cry and say that I loved him. The whole car had a different feeling in it of the Spirit. It was incredible! That was it! I was sure he was the one. I knew that after we got married, I could never convince myself that I had made a mistake.

Two more months passed and nothing happened. My sisters and Mom began to voice their uneasiness that I was too emotionally involved when he hadn’t committed to anything. I tried to thwart their concerns, but it was in vain. It was now April and seemed like it had been an eternity of dodging questions. Four months after our “marriage talk” we were still not a couple. I wanted my Dad to be involved and approve of my marriage partner. We had talked about it all along, and I was always seeking his advice about what boundaries I needed to set and the things I needed to do or not do. He was a huge blessing in trying to figure out where I needed to be. Also I wanted him to give his approval to me and my future spouse by giving his blessing and consent to our marriage when the time came. I also wanted to get his blessing for even being in a relationship. We called it courting, because it wasn’t anything like regular dating. We thought it deserved a special title to set it apart. Jason agreed that is the way it should be, so now I was just playing the waiting game. My birthday, April 18, was the blessed day. Jason came, hung out all day, and brought me a diamond cross necklace. In the middle of the afternoon he asked Dad if he would go with him for a walk. I knew what that meant! I could hardly wait for them to get back. That day began our courtship and it lasted a grand total of 2 months. This was exciting because I was allowed to go to his place on some weekends and be with him and his family. Before this we hardly ever got an opportunity to be together. We also started talking on the phone, which was a new privilege.

In June, Jason asked me to be his wife and we were official engaged. We were married 3 months later on Sept, 12… 2 years after we met. He is the most romantic, God- fearing man, and the perfect match for me. We have been married over a year now, and have a baby boy. I’m so happy that God has made me a woman, and that I have the wonderful responsibility of helping Jason and raising godly children. I pray that I will follow God all the days of my life, and that my children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren will do the same.

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